We believe the beauty sleep game needed a shake up - not just another silky pillow case or eye mask and so the Selene Pillow was born.

Our founders were sick of waking up every morning looking the opposite of well rested.  The sleep creases from pressing their faces into a pillow for 8 hours straight seemed ironed in & took forever to smooth out over the course of the day. Not to mention the puffy eyes and pillow full of what used to be perfect lash extensions.

After extensive research they discovered that over time with the reduction in our skins elasticity & collagen caused by ageing, sleep creases can develop into permanent wrinkles! Becoming obsessed - the first Selene sample was designed by hand, chopping up pillows on their kitchen table! Fast forward to now and they have carefully designed the Selene to work for your skin while you sleep.

So passionate about getting the best beauty sleep ever, our founders also have a range of sleep and bedroom accessories in the works.